Personal meeting and environment

A virtual world like Second Life lets you appear in a way you want. The avatar, your personal replacement, can carry out a special style in hairdressing, clothes, shape and accessories. The visible profile of your avatar can be filled out by your purposes or wishes for being there; also containing pictures of places you want to tell others about. There also are a lot of groups to choose between and to join. 

Communication is in face to face chat – written or oral – while getting a first impression of the other’s virtual appearance or in long distance instant messaging or group talks. In an educational perspective, the interaction can be adjusted by poses, gestures, whether or not using lip synchronization or the typing avatar animation in talks to optimize the use in class. Instant messaging and group chat is a good tool for making class appointments and for the exchange of information.

The environment of classrooms can get highly inspiring and so can field trips in near or far areas. There are plenty of places in Second Life, which are created by demographical groups of residents, reflecting the places they live at, for educational visits. We can there e.g. talk about what we see and experience in a very concrete approach. Also the near circumstances can invite to educational visits – talking about the colors and plants and maybe animals we meet on our walk through a park around. In a classroom we have numberless and better options than in real life to expose cultural and language training material for the use of engaged students. Basically all visual and audio material can be stored in media boards to keep the red thread in chapters to work through. Additionally on video screens actual input from e. g. broadcasting stations can be shown and there can be objects and chalk boards present, to display the correct writing and even to trigger the proper pronunciation of topics in focus.