Skills and unknown skills

Throughout the study in the “Is One Life Enough?” module from Dublin Institute of Technology and under the preparation of the project team’s presentation a mixture of known and unknown skills came into use.

Building, texturing, scripting, use of shared media, streaming, group communication options and the use of the content permission system for virtual objects were all well known skills from my 6 years with BABEL Language School (BLS) in Second Life. Also the use of a lot of social media has been a skill for a long time in my real life work experience as a teacher, namely such as the use of minor and major social networks like Ning,, Spruz, Live, G+ and Facebook.

It also showed that topic oriented blogging in WordPress, which I already used for BLS, easily could be extended to a higher frequency during the study and still with a proper quality of content often by citing relevant sources, theories, papers and both own and other’s experiences.

Selected social media from the study in the DIT "Is One Life Enough?" module

Selected social media from the study in the DIT “Is One Life Enough?” module

Some of the central new skills, which were explored, trained and then put to task in the study work, were to refine the virtual identities and own presentations in diverse kinds of social media and to adjust profiles according to the desired and expected audiences in Linkedin,Twitter as well as in Second Life, in the blogging and in the second Facebook account. These communities all have their own forces and styles of communication, so that one’s own voice has to fit with certain criteria to be successful.

Also there was the interesting perspective to build up new social media accounts and hereby to follow the evolvement of the new virtual communities of likers, followers and friends. A specific feedback and evaluation of what is posted is clearly visible in such a process, and it convinced me of, that it is possible with the right content, tagging and categorizing to brand a new idea and virtual dialogue.

The project team's collaborative tool Google Drive

The project team’s collaborative tool Google Drive

Closer to the planning of the presentation of our project team’s work I could observe, that the process of mind mapping, finding and focussing on the chosen topic went very well for Bill and me and that we could move forward effectively and that we with proper delegation of tasks between us were able to achieve results on a high level. There was clearly a good skill of team working present in our together study and work, which was adjusted in a fine way to the affordances of a cooperation carried out on distance and in the virtual world with the assistance of the collaborative social media we used.

For me as a participant in this study coming from a practical background of the use of virtual worlds and social media it was highly attractive and wanted to go in depth with the theory behind to get the eyes opened for aspects of virtual existence and identity, which would bring more consistency and context into my work, and “Is One Life Enough?” has provided a splendid step on this path.


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