Sweet Student Life and high Expectations

Finally they put me on a study and gave me a break from teaching – wow!

I’m so grateful – They must have felt, that time was running a little too fast and that they needed to adjust and enrich their use of social media. They took me from the class schedules and send me to Dublin Institute of Technology to enrol for the online module “Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough?”. I had told them for years – now they listened …

It’s amazing. As a student you don’t have to prepare lessons and to attend for classes and there is better time for breakfast too. I’m really full of high expectations to this online course and promise you to get back here frequently with new ideas and episodes from my new ways in sl and elsewhere.

What I always wanted to get the opportunity to learn more about is here:

  • Learn to use the last social media ressources, such as Twitter and Linkedin, which I haven used before
  • Link platforms together to trigger synergy effects and to increase followers, friends and connections
  • Create a better brand
  • Decide and explain, which platforms are best for what
  • Create and add diverse content to different online virtual environments t

    o make my voice heard better

Snapshot _ Dublin 3 - Dublin Institute of T, Dublin 3 (37, 234,

We had the first lecture this Thursday evening. The landmark was fine and luckily one of the lecturers, Sitearm, stood around and pointed to the teleporter to get to the classroom in 1001 meter’s height. The chairs were good and cinema alike. We were 5 students, three still missing, and three engaged lecturers. They didn’t show any slides, but voicet and chattet. I was one of the few to have my voice working but forgot to mute it, when I hadn’t to ask or to say anything 🙂

All the work we have to do for next Thursday was made pretty clear. I made my facebook and twitter accounts by now:



Looking forward to the next class and what they will say to my 30 seconds elevator speech – I’ll post it here later on …


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